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we thank God for you

Posted by Brad Byrd on

Posted by Brad Byrd

Kosova, MED grads


Abi and I were out to dinner the other night sans the 3 older kids, we had Jems in tow. They were enjoying the hospitality of good friends we spent time with when we lived here in the Balkans doing similar work to us. 

Our dinner was with Ahmet and Eliona (far left and second from left). Eliona is a sharp lady who has seen the Lord work in her life in amazing ways, and yet sadly she is not yet one of His own. She attributes most all of the good things in her life to Him and even cries out to Him for the things that are hard and frightening. As we talked about the investment they had received from us and the role we have played in their life, Eliona said, "We thank God for you". But yet she hasn't been able to make the jump to a personal relationship with Him yet. 

We made a loan to Eliona 2 years ago to start a jewellry store in the local supermarket. There are store fronts within the supermarket and her store is one of those. At the time she and I talked about the wisdom of this location but she was convinced that it would be a good decision. I was not sure, thinking other locations in the city might be more strategic, but gave her the benefit of the doubt. Two years later she has repaid her loan in full, a month early. It is truly a success story. Not only that, but she has also loaned others money to start their own jewellry businesses too. She was absolutely right about the location of her store and she has a good eye to see the kinds of jewellry that are appealing and a little different to people here. Last night we celebrated with her that her loan is now paid in full. What a wonderful feeling. We pray too that the gospel opportunities we have had these past two years with her would come to fruition.

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