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Why be a Radstock Member?

Posted by Steve Palframan on

Radstock exists to persuade ordinary local churches that global mission is part of their calling and to provide them with concrete ways to live that out in relationship with other local churches around the world.

We are committed to the conviction that local churches are themselves God’s missionary sending agencies and that in partnership with others they can play a significant role in reaching the nations with the gospel as together we plant churches around the world.

Therefore if you want to see Radstock at work, then there’s no giant office or global headquarters to visit, nor is there a huge staff team covering all the ins and outs of cross-cultural living.  Instead you find Radstock’s vision working out in the mission prayer meeting of a local church in Kiev, in the gift of sound equipment from a church in Virginia to a new church in Reykjavik or in the long-term commitment of a multinational church planting team in Macedonia.  No organisation owns that, nor one local church, rather it’s the fruit of ordinary churches working together around shared convictions.  And that’s why membership is important to us.

"the fruit of ordinary churches working together around shared convictions"

Membership is where local churches say together that they are committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ and to working together generously and sacrificially to see that message spread around the world.  Membership like that is not intended to give Radstock ownership of your church (we’re not a denomination) or even of your involvement in global mission (we’re not a mission agency), instead it is a way of giving us all confidence that we’re on the same page, working for the same goal and going about it in the same way.  Membership like that makes it possible for churches around the world to trust one another and most importantly work together for God’s glory.

The nuts and bolts of membership are very simple.  Alongside a form to fill in, you will have a personal visit with the leader of another member church and your church then will be formally welcomed at the next Round Table Conference.   Member churches shoulder the responsibility for driving the vision forward, getting on with the work of church planting, contributing financially and making up the board that oversees the network.

If that all makes sense to you or if you’re already a member of the network then let me suggest two ways to make the most of that membership:

Firstly make the most of the connections with other member churches.  Visit, pray, give and send to other churches in the network.  Membership means that you don’t have to wait to be invited to be generous or interested, instead that’s our expectation of one another.  Some connections will come easier than others as you find common interests and shared passions for particular places and people groups, make the most of that and see what the Lord does as you work together and support one another.  Round Tables are your best friend in this work, come along whenever you can and bring other people with you.  These conferences provide teaching and input but also plenty of time for building relationships, sharing needs and getting to know new places.

"you don’t have to wait to be invited to be generous or interested"

Secondly make your membership known in your local church.  Your church will only work as a mission sending agency if more than the leaders are involved and speaking about membership of Radstock is a way of helping your own church members see that they have that personal connection with the work of the gospel round the world.  We love to see ordinary church members coming to conferences with their leaders, or to see churches inviting leaders of other member churches to speak or to attend church retreats.  Links between youth groups and small groups, summer camps and short-term trips all help to generate enthusiasm and involvement in global mission with that consistent focus on reaching new places by starting new churches together.

Ready to join?  Learn how and apply here.

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