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news from the Radstock network

Yesterday was a Special Day. From Gregor Menga in T’vo

Posted by Gregor Menga on

"Gregor is a church planter and Radstock member working in a Muslim city in the Balkans.  The ground is hard and the fruit, so far, has been few.  Read this encouraging update and pray with us for God to reap a harvest of faith in the Balkans."

M, the 16 year old new believer, attended our house group for the second time. She is full of questions. 

Our study plan changed when she asked about prayer: “I need to learn how to pray.” So we looked at the Lord’s prayer. The disciples had the same request for Jesus: “teach us how to pray!”

We had a wonderful time. We talked, prayed, shared what God is doing in our lives. We shared a beautiful time of worship and thanksgiving and were all refreshed, encouraged and filled with joy. God’s presence was felt. To see M’s changed countenance and her eyes sparkling with the joy of the Lord is the greatest reward.

Please pray for her. At 16 she is working a full time job to support herself, after her abusive parents divorced. Her mother left, got remarried and is pregnant, and her father drinks (which is something for a muslim) and does not work. M left home and lives with a friend. Yet her mother demands that M supports her financially!

I don’t know what the mother plans for her, but they can sell girls into a marriage here. Please pray that no evil plan will succeed, but God will be glorified through Jesus Christ in her life!

Tags: church planting, balkans


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