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Partnerships for Mission: Ukraine to Bosnia

Posted by Amy Tyson on

Here at Radstock we are passionate about cross-cultural partnerships for mission! So we're excited that Ira, from Ukraine, will be joining the team in Konjic. We hear from her sending pastor, Max, below. Check out Part 2 for the perspective of her new team in Bosnia.

What led to Ira being sent out from Big City Church?  The Big City Church formed a Missions Committee several years ago to direct the mission work of the church and to make missions popular and well known. Ira was one of the constant attendees, and after one seminar where we announced the mission opportunity in Bosnia, she decided to join.

What most excites you about this partnership?  Ukrainians are no longer just a "receiving" part in missions. Now we can send our own missionaries and be helpful to our brothers and sisters.

Are there any difficulties about sending a member of your church out on mission?  The main difficulty we face in sending missionaries from Ukraine is finding the financial support for them. Also, due to the fact that Ukraine is primarily an Eastern Orthodox context, there is a lack of support for missions in the culture as well. Our biggest resource is still external: the Christians and churches abroad rather than Ukrainian churches. This is changing slightly, but there is still a place for growth in this area.

How can we pray for Big City Church?  Big City Church is still a growing community, but we are planting another church in Kiev and dreaming about another church-plant in the near future. Please take a few moments to lift the following in your prayers:

We are looking for a short-term team from abroad to come and help us with our annual summer camp for unbelieving University students.

The church-plant which we are helping with now (Liberty) is looking for a solid leader to pastor this church in the future.

We are praying for a second church-plant in another huge area of Kiev; financial support is needed for this project.

Please do pray for Big City Church, and for Ira as she makes this life-changing move.


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