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news from the Radstock network

Transport and Training for Church Planters

Posted by Anthony Adams on

We previously shared one ministry opportunity open to the Radstock network  -- serving the church in Myanmar through helping our brothers and sisters there to care for orphans. You can read about that here. Now we would like to invite you to pray about and consider long term involvement in...

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Bibles and Bikes for Orphans

Posted by Anthony Adams on

The wonderful, diverse and needy nation of Myanmar has been one of our focus projects for the last number of months. There are two particular ministry needs being presented to us as a network, and they both require partnership, prayer, and long term involvement. They are: making a difference in...

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Tags: give, myanmar, orphans, pray, support

A Thirst for the Word in Myanmar

Posted by Amy Tyson on

One Radstock member shares about the need for Bible training for local gospel ministers in isolated regions of Myanmar. Can you help? Sitting in the winter-time 30 degree celsius heat, in a small wooden house on a remote hillside in Myanmar, I looked at the people gathered on the floor in...

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Tags: bible training, myanmar

Taking the good news beyond the mountains

Posted by Anthony Adams on

I stood with our friend Tun Chaing, an indigenous missionary in Myanmar, as he looked at the mountains on the other side of the valley. He pointed out of the window of the wooden hillside house we were in, and described the villages that he visits beyond those peaks. He explained how there are...

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