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Pray for Bosnia

Posted by Kara Callaghan on

by Mike Pasquale of ChristChurch ,Redbourn UK MisSion IN Bosnja On the 2nd July 2017 a small group/team/huddle - (what’s the collective noun for Christians?) - from my church ChristChurch Redbourn met another gaggle/herd/whatever from Urban Life in Derby. Hours later, after...

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Tags: konjic, bosnia

One day in Konjica

Posted by Rudina Writes -- posts from Rudina Bakalli on

The day starts as usual for Fisnik, Manjola and their family. Their two boys get off to school, which is a 5-minute walk from home. They are good students, models to whom teachers refer with pride. Samuel won the chess championship and represented Bosnia in the world championship in Greece, a...

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Tags: bosnia, konjic, short-term team

Video Update: Konjic, Bosnia

Posted by Kara Callaghan on

Check out this video update from Konjic, Bosnia: Check out other video updates from around the Radstock network here.

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Tags: bosnia, video, konjic

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