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news from the Radstock network

Hope to the Hopeless

Posted by Miriam Gorrea on

Hope to the hopeless “How are you?” One neighbour asked another, and in typical Albanian fashion this was just the opening to discover how this friend was. “How’s your husband, your son, your family, house, health, work, mother…” The questions go on and are...

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Tags: albania, hope, sukth

RTs tick all the boxes!

Posted by Justin Schroeder on

Reflections of the Kiev Round Table from Justin, living and working for the gospel in Macedonia. RTs tick all the boxes! With the next Radstock Round Table (RT) only four weeks away---and my kids out of the house for a couple hours!---I was inspired to reflect on my experience at the...

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Tags: albania, kiev, partnership, round table

Europe’s Backdoor for Drugs, Sex Trafficking, Jihadism—and the Gospel

Posted by Brian Jose on

Brian Jose, Radstock's Executive Director, writes on Albania - Europe's Backdoor for Drugs, Sex Trafficking, Jihadism - and the Gospel on the Gospel Coalition's website.  Read here.  

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Tags: albania

Church Planting in Sukth

Posted by on

Besi and Miriam Gorrea live with their 3 children in Sukth, Albania, where God is using them to establish a church and so bless this little village. Read on for some highlights from their latest update, and please do keep them in your prayers! Our break in the UK was a great time for us to...

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Tags: albania, church planting, pray, support

Video Update: Albanian Connections

Posted by Kara Callaghan on

Check out this video to learn more about Radstock's connections in Albania.

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Tags: albania, video

Holding a Candle

Posted by Rudina Writes -- posts from Rudina Bakalli on

I don't remember the first Christmas I celebrated. Albania was in her first years after Communism and I was a freshman student. We were full of dreams as the doors of the "bunker" were opened and we could breath...freedom. Freedom came with a huge cost as we shifted from a closed, isolated and...

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Tags: albania, atheism, communism

NEW BLOGGER! Introducing "Rudina Writes"

Posted by Brian Jose on

We're thrilled to introduce Rudina Bakalli -- magazine editor, blogger, career consultant, CRU staff member, evangelist, wife, mother, televison contributor, dog walker, and more.  Rudina and her family live in central Tirana, the capital of her native Albania.  Look for her posts...

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Tags: albania, rudina writes, rudina bakalli

After the Flood -- Sukth, Albania

Posted by Brian Jose on

“We have captured the situation.”  Franceska, the first believer in Sukth village, used this Albanian expression about the aftermath of the recent flood. The fine mud left everywhere -- in houses, ovens, the motors of washing machines and refrigerators, on clothes and bedding...

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Tags: albania, flood, sukth, giving, prayer

Video Update: Sukth Albania

Posted by Besi Gorrea on

Watch this video update from Sukth, Albania shot before the devastating floods of mid-January. Read here about how you can help with flood relief. Check out other video updates from around the Radstock network here.  

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Tags: albania, miriam, sukth, besi

Help for Flood Victims in Albania

Posted by Arvid Gogaj on

Terrible floods have occurred in Sukth Albania, the home of Radstock member church Kisha Ungjillorë.  Would you consider donating to help restore the church building as well as the homes of our brothers and sister in Sukth? Donate here in the UK or Donate here in the USA...

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Tags: albania, flood, sukth


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