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Radstock is a decentralized network with gifted and visionary leaders engaged around the world in our church planting projects and churches.  Here are some with wider network responsibility:



Anthony Adams

Anthony is based in the UK and works to develop partnerships primarily throughout Europe and Asia. He is passionate about seeing churches all over the world grasp what it means to be both globally minded and serving and blessing their own communities. 

Anthony is a teacher and has been a pastor for more than 20 years. He is now the leader of Urban Life, a community project in inner city Derby, UK. Married to Emma with five children, he is a music lover, guitarist, canoeist, Liverpool FC supporter, and car enthusiast... all exercised with varying degrees of skill and passion!

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Altin Kurraj, Balkans director


Altin grew up under the harsh communism of Albania, the self-proclaimed "world's first atheist state". Not long after the collapse of that regime, Altin met both Jesus and his wife, Juli, through the Disciples of Jesus Church in Shkodër. A freshly-planted church, a society in flux and the Kosovo war just over the border combined to give Altin a crash course in ministry and leadership in the early days of his Christian walk.

After many years as a professional translator for a global phone company, Altin took on the role as Radstock Balkans Director. He brings a wealth of church leadership experience and has a heart to see Albanian churches active in global church planting partnerships. In his spare time you can likely find Altin talking life and ministry with a church member over a high-octane espresso in his adopted city of Durrês.

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Mike park, Us director

mikepark In addition to his role with Radstock, Mike serves as an associate pastor at Grace Downtown, one of the Grace DC network congregations. He is a Guest Lecturer at  Reformed Theological Seminary in Washington, DC, and serves on the advisory board with Center for Christian Civics.

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BRIAN JOSE, Canada Director


Brian brings a breadth of experience as a missionary, mission agency leader, church leader and planter, and consultant to churches. He is passionate about the mission potential of Canadian churches and works to foster their mission involvement both globally and within Canada.

Having cut his teeth in mission in 1980, working in Eastern Europe in the communist era, and more recently having lived in Albania for seven years, Brian remains passionate about seeing churches in that part of the world play their part in global mission.  He and his wife, Audrey, are active in establishing Village Church in Newcastle, just outside of Toronto, and continue to be mission catalysts for the Balkans and Cambodia, in particular.

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