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Are you looking for a way for you or your church to get involved in global mission?  Consider these short and some longer-term opportunities:

Download a full list of opportunities to serve here.

Take a Vision Trip to meet churches in different parts of the world and experience their communities, cultures, and needs first hand.

Have your church send a worker or a short-term team (as small as 2 or as big as can be accommodated) to come alongside one of the churches in the Radstock network to enhance the gospel work they are doing.  To places and ministries such as:

  • Establishing new churches
  • Discipling church leaders
  • Evangelism
  • Mentoring believers in business practices
  • Youth work
  • Teaching English
  • Relationship building leading to discipleship
  • Evangelism
  • Youth work
  • Establishing new churches
  • Bible teaching
  • Administering and developing projects to serve the poor
  • Develop student ministry
  • Discipling young believers
  • Developing national church planters
  • Discipling and mentoring young believers
  • Training potential church leaders
    • Discipling church leaders
    • Evangelism
    • Youth work
    • Teach English
    • Evangelism
    Micro-Enterprise Development
    • Developing a craft import/export business
    • Teaching and training business students and entrepreneurs
    • Training, mentoring, and discipling business loan recipients
    Mongolia, Gobi Desert
    • Funding transportation costs for local church planting efforts
    • Micro-finance opportunities
    • Business training
    MONGOLIA, Ulaanbataar
    • Teach English
    • Evangelism
      • Bible Teaching
      • Train church leaders
        • Summer English clubs
        • Business training
      • Drug rehabilitation
      • Speaking on social issues in schools
      • Student work
      • Family/Marriage support - teaching on family issues
      • Training, equipping, and encouraging church leadership
      • Establishing new churches in urban and culturally diverse settings
      • Community engagement with the urban poor

      For more information on any of these opportunities or to explore new areas of ministry, contact us.

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