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A Glimpse of Heaven

Posted by Alan Giles on with 1 Comments

By Alan Giles, Pastor of Ekklesia HD in Apple Valley, California USA

A couple of weeks ago I had the great privilege of participating in my first ever Radstock Round Table in Kiev, Ukraine. I had no idea what to expect. I had no idea what I would see, hear, learn or walk away with. I couldn’t have been less prepared for what I was about to experience.

In just 48 hours I was reminded that fulfilling the Great Commission is a team effort. In America, this can so easily be forgotten. Maybe its just because everything around us is so… well… American. Anyone who is in ministry loves Jesus’ Great Commission to “Go and make disciples of all nations…” and anything we do that makes disciples in our context allows us to feel like we are, in some small way, doing what Jesus has asked us to do.

For me, however, the greatness of the commission easily becomes overwhelming. All nations? All ethnicities? Keep making disciples? God, it’s impossible. I can barely keep up with the little church you have asked me to shepherd. I can barely keep up with the few you have called me to disciple right here where I live. How will we ever reach all nations?

Enter Radstock Ministries. A Global Network of Churches For Mission.

Enter Brian, a Canadian British missionary to Albania and the Balkans. Enter Artur from Berat, Albania. Enter David & Emira , an American and Albanian in Gostivar, Macedonia. Meet Kara, an American woman and Abi a British woman, who both live in America and spent their time working with Ukrainian women to bring together this Round Table so that Icelandic and Mongolian church planters could encourage Taras, a church planter in Minsk, Belarus. Listen to Sarah as she describes what God is doing in Konjic, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Pray with Joy from Ireland. Pray for Max and Big City Church in Kiev, Ukraine. Have coffee with Martin from Luton, UK and learn from Joe, a Californian who just moved to Tennessee USA. All of a sudden, this Great Commission isn't such a lonely calling.

All of a sudden, I can see it happening. I can hear God being praised in Ukrainian, Albanian and Mongolian. I can see the effects of His disciple makers in England, Ireland and Iceland. I can see Americans helping Albanians reach Macedonians. I can see Jesus building His church. Adding a Belarusian to it here, a Mongolian to it there. Raising up a Ukrainian elder today, preparing an Albanian elder for tomorrow. I see the Holy Spirit pressing on the heart of a British man as he sips coffee with an American.

I get a glimpse of heaven…

I see what joy it will be when we are all finally home…

No longer foreigner and exiles in these strange places God has sent us to.  But more than anything, I see God’s heart for the nations. I see Jesus’ sacrifice for men, women and children of every tribe, tongue and people group. I see the Holy Spirit blowing across this earth, glorifying the Father through every disciple maker, every new convert, every sunrise in Albania and every sunset in Ireland.

Now I get it Jesus. WE are called to make disciples of all nations. WE are your instruments for reaching all people. And together, WE are your church, YOUR people, YOUR bride and the reflection of YOUR GLORY from America to Mongolia.

From sunrise to sunset. From your ascension to your return. WE are your disciple makers. And together, by the power of YOUR Spirit… we can reach the nations…for YOUR Glory.

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Max Tikhonoff October 31, 2016 6:16pm

Great insight, Alan! Encouraged to read - it's a real "song of praise" to our Lord

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