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A Thirst for the Word in Myanmar

Posted by Amy Tyson on

One Radstock member shares about the need for Bible training for local gospel ministers in isolated regions of Myanmar. Can you help?

Sitting in the winter-time 30 degree celsius heat, in a small wooden house on a remote hillside in Myanmar, I looked at the people gathered on the floor in front of me and saw their hunger for the Word of God.

As I spent several hours teaching through the Sermon on the Mount, I tried not only to teach it to them, but to explain something of how I was doing it: how to handle a Bible text so that you draw out the Spirit-inspired meaning, in context.

This kind of thorough exegesis is always needed. But in a culture where the Buddhist scriptures are essentially treated as a random group of sayings and proverbs, reading, understanding and preaching extended texts is not automatically assumed or understood.

These brothers and sisters welcome further teaching and input as they train up leaders and seek to build up their people to reach out with clarity and power.

I hope to make a return visit, late in 2016 or early 2017, and would love to hear from those interested in joining me. You will have the opportunity to meet the people, see the need, pray with people, and bring some training in handling the Word of God and preaching it to others. If you would be interested in assisting with this, contact me! We will discuss with the church in Myanmar what their needs are, and what we can bring, and draw up a programme. It is likely to involve travel to remote spots, hot temperatures, and interesting food! It is also likely to be a real blessing to God’s people in remote and challenging places.

Please contact Anthony for more about this opportunity! And please, join us in praying for the training of many local believers to extend the good news in Myanmar with clarity and strength.

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