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Christmas Giving

Posted by Amy Tyson on

Though advent can be hectic, it is a joyous season. We remember our long awaited Messiah’s humble birth and look forward to his triumphant return.  

But even as we enjoy our beautiful Savior and the good gifts that are ours in Him, let’s remember the urgent work he has given us to do.

Our King is coming back, and there are entire people groups who have not heard the gospel! This is why Radstock exists: to see mission driven churches equipped and planted, spreading the gospel in the darkest corners of our world.

In your Christmas-time giving, would you consider including Radstock?

Here are a few specific needs that your gift can support:

  • £15/20/$25 provides an audio copy of the gospel of Luke in the local dialect of a closed country  
  • £15/20/$25/month provides for a half-time church planter in Myanmar
  • £50/65/$80 provides a weekly food parcel for refugees in Northern Iraq (delivered in person by Radstock network church members)
  • £250/320/$400 provides start-up funds for a micro-enterprise in Mongolia
  • £250/320/$400 provides one month's rent and utilities for a community centre in Macedonia that houses English language classes
  • £320/400/$500 buys a toilet for a Cambodian family with no sanitation
  • £320/400/$500 sponsors a Ukrainian to our Iceland Round Table

Go to our Give link to donate today.  Thank you so very much for your partnership in mission.

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