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Join Us For The Round Table In Dubai

Posted by Radstock Ministries on

We are thrilled to announce that our next Round Table will be held in Dubai on Wednesday 26th to Friday 28th February 2025.

For those of you who have been to a Round Table before this will be a little bit different from previous years. Usually, we are hosted by a Radstock project or church and it gives us an opportunity to see the work and get to know the people involved firsthand.

Dubai, in of itself is a thriving hub of Gospel activity, but we also hope to look beyond Dubai, to see it as a 'gateway' where East meets West. 

It will be a great delight to meet with members of the network, share fellowship, encouragement and prayer. We will also hear and pray about what God is doing in other parts of the network, and there will be time for you to meet others.

Early Bird Prices:
Members: £320 GBP (€375 EUR, $405 USD)
Non Members: £340 GBP (€395 EUR, $430 USD)

Price includes:
- Round Table cost 
- 3 nights accommodation
- Meals
- A local excursion
- A small subsidy to assist someone in need.

Cost can be paid in instalments. Deposit required to secure booking.

Book Now At This Link Here


Gatherings like the Round Table are at the heart of what we do as a network because it's there that connections are made, so we can continue to support and encourage one another in the work of mission.

The Round Table is a place where vision grows. Where people meet, talk, and catch vision. You'll start to have ideas, hear about other places, and have the opportunity to start praying for these places.

Early Bird Prices:
Members: £320 GBP (€375 EUR, $405 USD)
Non Members: £340 GBP (€395 EUR, $430 USD)



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