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Mongolia Winter Crisis -- Please Help!

Posted by Amy Tyson on

Widely reported blizzards continue to buffet much of the Eastern USA as I type, impacting several Radstock members and churches who live there!

But did you know that, at the same time, Mongolia is in the midst of a severe winter crisis which is threatening the lives and livelihoods of herders (and their families) across the country? Seedtime, a Radstock partner on the ground in Mongolia, is working to raise funds for immediate crisis relief. The Seedtime Executive Director shares more:

"A drought last summer followed by below-normal winter temperatures have resulted in a situation in which many herding families are struggling to survive.

Herded animals are dying in numbers now across Mongolia, and with them the livelihoods of the families that depend upon them. However, this unfolding crisis is yet to be picked up by the major news agencies. For now, it is a hidden disaster.

In conjunction with the Mongolian Evangelical Alliance, Seedtime is raising funds for immediate crisis relief.

Can you, your church or your business help? The immediate needs are for warm clothing, food, shelter and fuel to help the families survive the winter.

Give securely online via Radstock Ministries, our international network partners, here. At the end of the process, be sure to mark your donation ‘Seedtime Crisis Relief.’ Thank you so much!" 

For more on the crisis from the Mongolian Red Cross, click here, and here


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