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Myanmar Reflections

Posted by Anthony Adams on

All mission is local. It just depends where you happen to be at the time. I thought about this as I was on the side of a mountain in a wood and bamboo house with a huge drop beneath and a fantastic view
across the valley.

This place seems remote to the rest of the world. Once in Myanmar there was another flight and a seven hour taxi ride along bumpy roads that left the muscles in your side aching! The journey went on and on, up and up, until Paul (a pastor from Bristol UK) and I reached Mindat, home of Radstock member church, the Mindat Evangelical Christian Church.

While there are of course many cultural differences from other parts of the world, the essential elements of church life and mission are the same. Men and women and boys and girls meeting together as church community, loving God and loving one another, and seeking to love their neighbours as themselves as they reach out to their local neighbors who don’t know Jesus Christ or understand his message.

And there are a lot of people who don't know Jesus or understand his message. It's not that there are few Christians in the Mindat area. Actually there are quite a number of churches. But the nature of Myanmar is that even if an area has many Christians, there are still people groups present who are unreached.

Myanmar is home to 146 different people groups, 49 of which remain unreached, and they are difficult to reach, often deeply entrenched in combinations of Buddhism and Animism. The Mindat church makes a real point of thinking about these people groups.

As we seek to support them, it would be good to remember one in particular. The Yaw people live in villages and towns around the area near Mindat. Two evangelists/church planters are working together in one particular area, seeking to bless these people. Pray:

  • that the Yaw people will have a spiritual hunger
  • that they will have access to the message of Jesus
  • that a disciple-making movement will emerge.

Maybe your church can adopt them as a people group to pray for and stand with our brothers and sisters who are trying to reach them. Contact for more information. Read more about the Yaw people at joshuaproject.net.  And give here to aid Radstock's work in Myanmar.  

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