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playing our part - churches connected for global mission

Posted by Brian Jose on

Posted by Brian Jose. 

Why mission and what is Radstock?  Below are notes from the talk given by Radstock's Executive Director Brian Jose at this year's conference.

Radstock Conference 09: Brian Jose

Playing Our Part - Churches Connected for Global Mission
Brian Jose, Radstock Executive Director

Our mandate as God's people is to bring in God's dominion or his kind rule to the world. Mission is what God is about. Instead of being a slice of your church life it should be the core. Everything your church does - you should be asking "how is this missional?"

God's called us together as a people to proclaim the excellencies of Him. The church is called to proclaim and display the grace of God. A sent church, a sent people, we're a missionary people because we reflect God's character. Church and mission were together at the beginning.

In Peter 2:9 we see: Church is sent; Sending is not secondary to being; Church builds itself up for the sake of mission; God is missionary God, focus of salvation is a community of people, not individuals; Focus on mission is community of people, not individuals (Israel); God's people are missionary people; Church and mission belong together from the beginning; Church without mission or mission without church are contradictions

Mission needs to be the fabric of our churches. Not autonomous mission-less churches nor autonomous church-less missionary societies.

What is Radstock?
Our Vision:
A growing number of mission driven churches equipped and planted.

What We Value:
Gospel Priority, Church Community, Humble Orthodoxy, Intentional Partnership, Multiplicaional Growth

What We Do.
Coach Churches, Develop Partnerships, Create Opportunities, Provide Expertise

What We Are:
Churches Connected for Global Mission.

Developing a Mission-centered Church
1. God has a vision for your church - not mission by proxy -- whole church commitment
2. Mission vision must "ooze" from the leaders - constantly preach it
3. Your people have vision. Tap into it and release it.
4. A formula for whole church commitment: Exposure + Relationship + Involvement = Commitment

3 models of Partnership
Mission by Proxy - includes Prayer and Finance
Motivated - includes Prayer, Finance, Short-term trips
Mobilized - includes Prayer, Finance, Short-term trips, Long-term plan


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