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Ukraine Crisis

Posted by Gareth Davies on

Ukraine's Revolution: good, bad or ugly? 

A Radstock commentator looks inside the unfolding crisis.   Read the full article here.

The recent ouster of Ukraine’s spectacularly incompetent and corrupt president Viktor Yanukovich has led many to speculate that a new dawn is around the corner for this deeply troubled country. What began as a protest against Mr Yanukovich’s refusal to sign an association agreement with the EU degenerated into civil strife that turned central Kiev into a battleground between police, and a hard core of rioters determined to bring down the government at any cost. Scores of lives were lost on both sides.

But now the president who vowed he would never go is gone. And many are cheering a new chapter for Ukraine. An election, which Mr Yanukovich would almost certainly have lost, was due for 2015. But few will mourn the early end of a regime that had enriched itself beyond most Ukrainians’ wildest imaginings - it appears Mr Yanukovich absconded with $70bn of state funds - while the country itself went bust. Not even Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, whose relations with Mr Yanukovich were frosty at best, will be shedding many tears over his demise. Mr Yanukovich was an embarrassment to Russia long before this present crisis began. But what can we say of Ukraine’s revolution? A new government that mostly looks west is in charge in Kiev, and Crimea, an autonomous region in the south, has voted by referendum to leave Ukraine and join the Russian Federation. So will the aftermath of this revolution be good, bad, or ugly?!

Read the full article here.


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