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Urgent Need for Summer Camp Volunteers

Posted by Max Tikhonoff on

Kyiv summer campMax Tikhonoff, pastor of Liberty Church in Kyiv, Ukraine is looking for volunteers and churches to support and send a team to be part of their English language summer camp. It's really an amazing experience. Almost 80% of their church is made up of young people who came to faith through these summer camps.  One participant from last year wrote,"I did it last summer and it was amazing. Max has a fantastic apologetic method (and of course the Holy Spirit showed up too)." 

Check out photos from last year's camp on their website.  It looks like so much fun, we want to go! 

summer camp study

Max wrote: "Hello Dear friends! Right now we are in the middle of preparation for the Summer English Project for 40 non-Christian Kyiv students. We just found out that our foreign team to help at the camp and to bring the funds has dropped off, so we have neither native speakers to teach nor the support for the project. This puts our biggest annual Evangelical project at very high risk this year. Whoever is reading this, if you are a native English speaker, please, pray and consider coming to Kyiv on the dates of 30th of July - 4th of August to spend an unforgettable summer reaching out to the brightest and most cheerful Ukrainian young heads with His Message. Or support us with any amount via Radstock Network. We are looking for 1-8 people to come and $8,000 to cover the grand project cost. What we promise is that it is going to be an amazing life-changing experience for any of you! Thank you in advance! From behalf of all our Kyiv church-planting team" 

If you or anyone you know is interested, contact Max at  .  Or to give, go to www.radstock.org/give and click the country of the flag in which currency you'd like to donate. 

kyiv summer camp games

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