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What is Radstock All About?

Posted by Anthony Adams on

We get asked over and over: What is Radstock?  What's it all about?

In a nutshell, we are CHURCHES CONNECTED FOR GLOBAL MISSION. There's so much packed into that little phrase. Let's break it down.

CHURCHES - It is our conviction that the local church is God's mission strategy. We see again and again in the Bible that it is God's people, the Church, at the heart of what he's doing. As followers of Christ, we are part of a people. We function in churches that are committed to loving one another, serving together and submitting to the word of God in each specific local community. 

Local churches are missional in their very nature. They are expressions of the kingdom of God, outposts of the kingdom of heaven, colonies of Christ and all he stands for. What is a local church? It's a mission team! A long-term mission team, settled and established in the community, serving and loving their neighbours and being a light in their city or village. 

CONNECTED - Radstock is a network of churches - missional communities  - equipping and encouraging one another. We partner together to share our experience and expertise. By connecting and working together, we live out the corporate nature of the Church as described in the Bible narrative. We extend our mission beyond each church's local context by partnering globally. Together, we pioneer new mission opportunities, often through multi-national church planting teams.

FOR GLOBAL MISSION - God is a God of mission. His mission is to save his people, to gather them from all over the world. In Genesis, we see that God's vision is globally minded right from the beginning (through Abraham ALL nations will be blessed). Global mission must therefore be our heart as we reflect His.

Mission thinking must start on our own doorstep and go out to the ends of the earth. How is this done? By sending people to start new churches who send people to start more new churches and so on. Thinking about our local context comes naturally. But if we only think locally, who will think globally? Who will go to those who haven't heard?

CHURCHES CONNECTED FOR GLOBAL MISSION - It is our conviction that global mission is the responsibility and privilege of the local church. It is massive and daunting to think about doing it alone as separate local churches. So, through Radstock, we work together.

Radstock seeks to be a means to enable churches to do this work of global mission. We develop partnerships, coach churches, create opportunities and provide expertise.

Each church in the Radstock network is serving and reaching their own local context, and together we are able to reach new, far away and unreached places. We support churches that already exist and work together to start new churches. We long to see communities of light established in every dark corner of the world to the glory and honour of the Lord Jesus Christ.

That's what Radstock is all about. 


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