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Your Legacy Matters

Posted by Amy Tyson on

Establishing a will is vital for everyone. But did you know that this task can provide for those you love and powerfully bless ministries you support?

As a faithful Radstock partner through the years, we know that you are excited about our vision to connect churches around the world for global mission. 

Please consider designating a portion of your will to Radstock Ministries.

Radstock network churches are partnering to share Jesus’ love in countries as diverse as Mongolia, the UK, Albania, Iceland, Kosovo, Myanmar, Ukraine, the USA, India, Iraq, Macedonia and Zambia. There are other locations, too dangerous to name, where Radstock partners are seeking to spread the gospel and see the Church established.

This essential pioneering work is exciting and risky -- and it needs support.  Radstock member churches are often small, new and young in the faith, yet they are prepared to risk everything for Jesus. Being part of our network provides the training and resources for these churches to grow and multiply. They are enabled to partner with churches around the world, all to the end of proclaiming the good news about Jesus.

Legacy giving...

...is a meaningful way for everyone to give, not just the wealthy.

...leads to long-term financial stability for Radstock, strengthening the work for the future.

...reflects your own priorities and beliefs.

...is simple. You can easily create different forms of legacy gifts.

By choosing to support Radstock through your legacy you are actively involved in carrying on this gospel work. Your gift will allow more people to hear about Jesus. Your legacy matters.

For more information about how your legacy can include Radstock, please email your nearest office. In the UK:  and in the USA: .

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