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news from the Radstock network

multi-national mission in kosova

Posted by Anthony Adams on

Posted by Anthony Adams. One of the Radstock principles that we emphasise is that partnership in mission is best done when local communities of believers are cooperating together. In the context of a short-term mission team, it means that ministry is not in isolation, but is an integral part of...

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Tags: kosova, kosovo, partnership

kyiv church leaders to visit usa

Posted by Kara Callaghan on

In September 2008, Max Tykhonov, pastor of Solomensky Presbyterian Reformed Church in Kyiv Ukraine, and one of their ministers Alex Travnikov are planning to visit U.S. to share with churches an update on their work and ministry. Their purpose is to refresh their supporting contacts and try to...

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Tags: kyiv, kiev, ukraine

as the world watches

Posted by Brad Byrd on

The world’s spot light is on China at the moment. For the next few weeks countless millions will have their tv’s tuned into the Olympics. As we watch the games let us also lift the host nation up in prayer. A nation where following Jesus is forbidden and the church meets in...

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urgent prayer - georgia

Posted by on

The current fighting in Georgia brings to the fore once again the troubled history of the Caucasus and its many people-groups. The Caucasus is that strip of land between Turkey, Iran and southern Russia. Although a relatively small geographical area, the peoples who live here have been separated...

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Tags: georgia, caucuses


Posted by Kara Callaghan on

Posted by Peter LaRuffa. Peter LaRuffa is the Youth/Children's pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Florence, Kentucky. He recently led a group of 17 individuals including many teenagers and young people on a short term trip to Albania. Grace Fellowship Church is in partnership with the Lushnje...

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Tags: albania, team, heart-lag

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