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news from the Radstock network

Ukraine Crisis

Posted by Gareth Davies on

Ukraine's Revolution: good, bad or ugly?  A Radstock commentator looks inside the unfolding crisis.   Read the full article here. The recent ouster of Ukraine’s spectacularly incompetent and corrupt president Viktor Yanukovich has led many to speculate that a new dawn is...

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Building Trust in Ukraine

Posted by Amy Tyson on

One Radstock partner in Kiev shares how we can pray for the Ukrainian church following the ousting of Victor Yanukovych and in the midst of the conflict over Crimea. Ukraine commonly ranks in the top ten most corrupt countries on the Transparency International List, alongside many African...

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Tags: ukraine, prayer, church

Thoughts on a Bombed City

Posted by Amy Tyson on

Volgograd Central Train Station was attacked by a suicide bomber on the 29th of December, 2013, killing 16 and injuring 50. One Radstock member shares some thoughts following his recent visit. At the time of my visit, it had been less than a month since the twin suicide attacks on the central...

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Tags: russia, suffering, prayer

Welcome to the Network!

Posted by Amy Tyson on

A church near Reykjavik, Iceland has recently joined the Radstock network! Gunnar Gunnarsson pastors the church, called Loftstofan: “the upper room." Gunnar explains that the church’s name “came from the thought that we wanted to belong to a community of people who would serve...

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Tags: member churches, prayer, church planting

Kiev -- A Diary of Events

Posted by Amy Tyson on

Radstock partners, located in Kiev, share some of the harrowing experiences of the last month.  Read excerpts from their own correspondence to find out what the church in Ukraine has been experiencing, and how you can pray for our brothers and sisters there! 20th of February, 2014 The...

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Tags: ukraine, kiev, prayer

Joy Campbell Joins the Radstock Team

Posted by Kara Callaghan on

Joy Campbell, the newest or maybe the oldest recruit to Radstock, joins the team as our new Director of Church Relations and Missionary Support.  Joy will facilitate the volunteer recruitment process and manage communication between churches, volunteers and projects.  We're...

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Tags: joy campbell

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